Seamless SMS Integration

Send text messages easily and efficiently.

Easier communication means more hires.

Communicate through text

While email open rates are great at 20-30 percent the statistics on SMS has a 98% open rate. With 90% being read within the first 3 seconds. With our SMS integration our ATS allows recruiters to shoot text message to applicants. This will allow recruiters to get the message in front of applicants fast and efficiently.

You will be able to communicate with all your applicants via text message giving you the edge on your competition. Easily send messages, appointment reminders and available times for the applicant to book right from the text message.

Forward calls to any line you want.

Voice call redirects

If you are communicating with an applicant being available on their time is key. With our integrations we are able to route any phone call that come to your line you are using for text messages to any phone you want. This will give your recruiter the ability to be on the go and never miss a call from an applicant.

With our ATS you will have a dedicated phone number where all your text messages are coming from. You can route any call to that number to any phone number you'd like. This can be either a land line or a cell phone.



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